Fort St James

Fort St. James is one of the oldest permanent European settlements in British Columbia.  This area was originally home to the Nak'azdli band of the Carrier First Nations. The fort functioned as the main administrative centre for Hudson’s Bay Company in the New Caledonia district and maintained continuous operation until 1952.

The fur-trade is strongly intertwined with Fort St James’ history, producing many historic sites and a rich history explored by visitors today. The most renowned site is the Fort St. James National Historic Site.

The town of Fort St. James has a plethora of cultural sites and outdoor activities available to all levels of enthusiasts, from great hiking and mountain biking trails to fishing areas and a local ski hill.

Cottonwood Park

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Picturesque Cottonwood Park is located on the lakeshore. It contains a W34 Junkers airplane replica and a steam shovel used in the 1930's on display. The 1/3 scale replica of a W34 Junkers...

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Fort St. James National Historic Site

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Fort St. James National Historic Site is a fully restored Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post on the southern shore of Stuart Lake. It was first established in 1806 by Simon Fraser and John...

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KDL Bike Park

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Fort ST. James KDL Bike Park is a great destination for mountain bikers or those who enjoy a bike ride with a twist. It includes a progression trail that offers beginner features for people to...

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Our Lady of Good Hope Church

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Our Lady of Good Hope Church was built in 1873, making it the third oldest church in BC and the first permanent Catholic mission north of Williams Lake. Father A. G Morice from France was the...

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Ripples of The Past Interprative Walk

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Winding its way through the heart of Fort St. James is a new journey of discovery. The trail takes visitors from the historic park on a meandering stroll through the village and the cottonwood...

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Spirit Square

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Constructed on Stuart Drive overlooking Stuart Lake, Spirit Square is home to a collection of public artwork depicting the rich historical and cultural fabric of Fort St. James. It is also a...

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