Hands of History

Hazelton | Tour Routes |
There are two tour routes that will take you to sites around the Hazeltons.  The first is in New Town and South Hazelton, and into the native villages of Hagwilget, Gitanmaax, Glen Vowell and...

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Ripples of The Past Interprative Walk

Fort St James | Natural Settings | Outdoor Activities | Tour Routes |
Winding its way through the heart of Fort St. James is a new journey of discovery. The trail takes visitors from the historic park on a meandering stroll through the village and the cottonwood...

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Smithers Culture Crawl

Smithers | Tour Routes |
The Bulkley Valley Museum invites you to experience a Culture Crawl about Smithers! Starting at the Bulkley Valley Museum, the crawl takes visitors on a remarkable and fascination stroll. Our...

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Spirit Square

Fort St James | Historic Sites | Tour Routes |
Constructed on Stuart Drive overlooking Stuart Lake, Spirit Square is home to a collection of public artwork depicting the rich historical and cultural fabric of Fort St. James. It is also a...

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Vanderhoof Public Library

Vanderhoof | Tour Routes | Unique Sites |
The Vanderhoof Public Library is home to the Bill Silver Digital Newspaper Archive.  The archive is named after historian and longtime resident of Vanderhoof, Bill Silver, who kept a collection of...

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