Vanderhoof Public Library

The Vanderhoof Public Library is home to the Bill Silver Digital Newspaper Archive.  The archive is named after historian and longtime resident of Vanderhoof, Bill Silver, who kept a collection of weekly newspapers.

Bill and his wife allowed individuals interested in the history and development of Vanderhoof to view the collection, which later became the foundation for a weekly column in the Omineca Express entitled “A Look at the Past”. The collection is now preserved digitally and available to anyone who wishes to explore some of Vanderhoof’s past in a library setting.

The Mary John collection is dedicated to an advocate of the First Nations Carrier People, a mother, author, scholar, and recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and Order of Canada. She dedicated most of her life to improving the understanding between aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities.

The collection was established in memory of the revered leader of the Sai’kuz First Nation. The Mary John collection consists of 800 different books on First Nations related topics open to the public. Stop by if you wish to learn more about this persevering woman and about other First Nation people in the area.

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