Kitselas Canyon Heritage Center


On behalf of the Gitselasu people and Elders, we welcome you to the Kitselas Canyon Heritage Center. The center is located in our traditional home of Kitselas canyon. We the Gitselasu have resided in the canyon for at least 5 000 years. In our Sm’algyax language, Gitselasu means, “People of the canyon” and we were toll-keepers of the canyon that exacted a toll on all those wanting to pass through. We are a “Living” heritage center which means it is reflective of who we are today and is ever evolving.


The center consists of 4 contemporary longhouses, an interpretive trail, and a viewpoint overlooking the Skeena River. Each longhouse is designed and used for specific displays and presentations. One is used as a media center and cultural display, a wildlife center, a transportation display, and a technology display center where carving and weaving are to be demonstrated.


We are located approximately 20 km east of Terrace BC, or 15 minute drive from Terrace. 

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W: 250-638-8881 ext#224

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OPERATION & RATES *Cash only (Guided Tours)

Open: May – Oct 

Adults: $16.00

Children (12-6yrs): $10.00

Seniors: $8.00

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