Hagwilget Canyon & Bridge

At the pullout, view one of nature's artistic triumphs. One the banks below, archeologists have found at least 4,000 years of human occupance. Upstream, at the river's narrowest point, stood the bridge described in the plaque. Bene, the Carrier Indian missionary-visionary is buried here.  Rocher Deboule mountain, or Stykyawdenthl, towers to the south.

Hagwilget Bridge is a single-lane steel suspension bridge located along Highway 62, between the Village of Hazelton (Old Hazelton) and the District of New Hazelton. Suspended over the Bulkley River canyon, the bridge is constructed of steel and cable, with one tower at either end, and cement abutments at the approaches to the bridge. The main suspended span consists of a trussed steel deck, 140 meters long and 4.9 meters wide, located 80 meters above the Bulkley River.  This contemporary bridge was designed by Alexander Carruthers and was opened in 1932.

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