Driftwood Canyon Park

Driftwood Canyon Park covers 23 ha of the Bulkley River Valley, on the east side of Driftwood Creek, 10 km northeast of Smithers. Driftwood Road reaches the park entrance 10 km from Highway 16. The park lies within the asserted traditional territory of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation.

The primary role of Driftwood Canyon Park is to protect the internationally significant Eocene fossil beds situated along Driftwood Creek. Several research projects have investigated the parks' fossilized fish, insects and plants. Incidentally, the park protects the tiny remnant (23 ha) of underrepresented dry cool sub-boreal spruce (SBSdk) ecosystem within the Bulkley Basin Ecosection.

Driftwood Canyon Park also serves an important recreational role, offering unique nature-viewing opportunities and an attractive creekside picnic site-the park is listed prominently among sites to visit in regional travel guides. Finally, Driftwood Canyon Park provides important educational and interpretive opportunities to learn about the importance of leaving fossils.

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